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Google shut down a massive phishing scam

Posted on by Christian Hendrix

The sophisticated phishing scam spread across the web on Wednesday afternoon, tricking people into giving up access to their Google accounts. Some people, like Reddit user JakeSteam, said the scam is so sophisticated it’s virtually undetectable.

After offering some obvious advice — don’t click on the link — Google tweeted it had wrestled the situation under control.
Phishing, of course, is nothing new and Google users get targeted often. In 2014, a similar scam targeted Docs and Drive users. The current ruse appears to have targeted journalists and educators, according to reports.

This scheme is different because it focuses on stealing access to your account rather than stealing your username and password. The attacker created a rogue app made to look like Google Docs, which unsuspecting victims would grant permission to.

Granting permission to a Gmail account is the “equivalent to having access to a username and password,” Liam O’Murchu, director of Symantec’s Security Technology and Response group said in an email. That means that victims could have been phished without even typing in their password.

Once the scheme tricked its victims, it would send emails to that person’s contact list, in hopes of spreading itself. Google has since disabled the fake app.

The scam sent potential victims a link that appeared to be a Google Doc from someone they know and then directed them to Google’s account selection screen, JakeSteam wrote. The emails looked legit but are addressed to “[email protected].”

Mailinator tweeted that it wasn’t responsible for sending the emails.

sans titre 2 - Google shut down a massive phishing scam

Christian Hendrix

Cybersecurity Analyst at Cybermetrix
Christian is passionate about cybersecurity, personal and fair. he brings new ideas and challenge things that could be better. His is to be responsible for the monitoring and analysing of cyberthreats activity for cybermetrix customers systems and the external environment to identify, understand and react to relevant activity. Passionate about Cybersecurity he brings the most relevants blogs articles for Cybermetrix.
sans titre 2 - Google shut down a massive phishing scam
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