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Advanced Simulated Attack Services , looks to provide a comprehensive check of the organisation’s vulnerabilities without limitations such as scope or omissions due to the operational impact of live testing.


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Organisations generally approach security testing as a series of projects, aimed at assuring specific elements of hardware or software, rarely assessing the impact of these changes to the organisation as a whole.

Traditional security programmes that segment security into specific tests will inevitably be subjected to the rule of diminished returns, as the organisation’s security maturity increases.

It is at this point that an organisations information security performance indicators are seen to flat-line, generally due to a combination of the following factors:

It looks to identify vulnerabilities in the way the organisation does business and crafts specific scenarios around these. It’s only suitable for organisations that have mature security practices, looking to quantify their abilty to defend against systematic and organised threat actors.

How effective is your Advanced Simulated Attack Services?

What value do I get from a Advanced Simulated Attack Services?

One of the concerns we hear from our clients is the expenditure of huge amounts of time researching an organisation in order to create attack scenarios. We don’t believe in wasting time, so we look to understand the business by engaging with the people that really understand the processes

our working processin 3 steps

Every step taken by your organisation to capture, store and process information can be tested: the systems and buildings that the information is stored in, the transmission channels that transport it, and the processes and personnel that manage it.

planing12 - Advanced Simulated Attack

planning & strategy

At this point, they are ready to develop the strategy for the attack. Thanks to the information they’ve gathered so far, they can decide which tools and techniques to use to best hit the system.

planing11op - Advanced Simulated Attack

Simulated Attack

The phase is Simulated Attack. Using the tools or techniques identified in the previous step, they exploit the vulnerability to break into the organisation. Intrusion is done.

planing13 - Advanced Simulated Attack


We usually provide the organisation with a detailed report of the vulnerabilities found, the description of the attack they performed and recommended actions to secure your company.

EXACTLY! Ethical Hackers, Consultants and Geeks

Cybermetrix team understand IT Security is only one of your business concerns, we ensure security assessments and penetration tests go as smoothly as possible, helping your business identify and fix discovered security issues

done4 - Advanced Simulated Attack

Avoid downtime and Breach costs

Network downtime caused by a data breach can cost up to £3 million, with the average cost of a breach costing £36,500. Pen testing allows your organisation to help identify exploitable vulnerabilities proactively before they are exploited by a malicious attacker allowing you to intelligently plan remediation and give priority to critical and high level findings.

done3 - Advanced Simulated Attack

Vulnerability Management

Penetration testing provides a severity ordered report, documenting vulnerabilities that are proven to be exploitable, removing false positives from the equation. Allowing your organisation to proactively identify which vulnerabilities are critical and which are less critical or false positives.

done1 - Advanced Simulated Attack

Meet Regulatory and Compliance Standards

Performing a penetration test helps companies and organisations address the general auditing requirements for PCI DSS. Testing also helps address ISO 27001 requirements by obtaining an organisations exposure to vulnerabilities and providing measures to remediate discovered issues.

done2 - Advanced Simulated Attack

Preserve Brand, Corporate image & customer confidence

Data breach, compromised accounts and exposed external data cost money and can negatively affect brand image and sales. Penetration testing helps identify and fix vulnerabilities that could be used to exfiltrate confidential, sensitive and personally identifiable information.


We always had this statement and we’re keeping our promise. Specializing in Advanced Simulated Attack Services. If you would like to work with us to help improve the security of your organisation

Cybermetrix cybersecurity group
Our experts will provide the best advice and cybersecurity service in a quick response.

Cybermetrix cybersecurity group

Our experts will provide the best advice and cybersecurity service in a quick response.


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