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global ransomware attack

Posted on by Christian Hendrix

A global ransomware attack is holding thousands of computers hostage. Banks, telephone companies and hospitals have all been ensnared in the worldwide hack, with the malware locking down computers while demanding a hefty sum for freedom. The attack has hit thousands of computers across China, Russia, Spain, Italy and Vietnam, but hospitals in England have attracted the most attention because lives are at risk while hospital systems are locked down. As of Sunday morning, more […]

Why Most Companies Don’t Detect Cyberattacks

Posted on by Christian Hendrix

hat’s the all-too-common question when a major cyber incident is discovered—or, too often, announced. Up to 70 percent of data breaches are detected by third parties rather than by organizations’ own security operations teams, a clear indication that most current methods of security monitoring are inadequate for a cyberattacks. From a business perspective, for all the money companies spend on the latest detection technologies, IT shouldn’t miss anything at all, right? Ironically, the reason so […]

Christian Meddock

Security Consultant, Cybermetrix

Christian works for Cybermetrix in the Security Business. Since joining Cybermetrix as a graduate in 2011, Christian has taken on a number of roles in the security unit, including analyst, consultant, offerings manager, executive assistant to the director and marketing and today he is sharing is knowlege to help companies.

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Cybermetrix cybersecurity group
Our experts will provide the best advice and cybersecurity service in a quick response.

Cybermetrix cybersecurity group

Our experts will provide the best advice and cybersecurity service in a quick response.


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